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June 2, 2020

What is the Coolest Spot on Your Campus?

The Campus Center Terrace surrounded by the waterfront at the University of Massachusetts Boston

The Campus Center Terrace surrounded by the waterfront at the University of Massachusetts Boston from Maryann M.

Ever wonder why there are specific locations on campus that just “connect” with you? You always get a good vibe when you are there or even when you think about it. Maybe you met your best friends there and developed special memories for a particular spot? Well, we asked a bunch of our scholarship applicants to share their favorite spot and they have given us some great examples below. (And you can too here.)


College students connect with places on campus.  In fact, many college students have been missing these spots for months.  These places are where they hangout with friends, show their athletic prowess, share a kiss with a special someone, study in quiet alone, or group together to learn from each other.  


At Quatromoney, we love to hear about the locations on campus that connect with college students. That is why we are sponsoring the “Coolest Spot On Campus” Scholarship where applicants share the name of their favorite spot and why it's special.


Here are some spots college students have shared with us to date.


The Campus Center Terrace surrounded by the waterfront at the University of Massachusetts Boston is well visible from the fourth-floor windows of the University Hall overlooking the waterfront and it's special because it makes you feel invisible and serene as you view the neatly trimmed lush green terrace surrounded by the beautiful, calm and continuous waves moving across the ocean. -  a college student from Boston College


The Freedom Tower on campus is 17 stories and rises high above the campus, giving you an unfathomable view of thousands of acres and the distant mountains; moreover, it holds libraries, museums, auditoriums, and classrooms. - a rising first year at Liberty University from VA

The gazebo at North Carolina Wesleyan College

The gazebo at North Carolina Wesleyan College from Skylar H.


My favorite spot at school is the Gazebo right across from my Freshman dorm where I met many of my friends and even met my boyfriend. [We even started Gazebo nights] - dance nights using someone’s speaker and deep talk nights and study nights. These nights made me feel right at home and I began to create my own little family at school.   - a college sophomore at North Carolina Wesleyan College from DC


At Northwest Nazarene University, the track is my favorite spot because I am going to run cross country and track in college.  - a rising first year student at Northwest Nazarene University from ID


The best spot on the Grace College campus would probably have to be Wynona Lake because it’s where all the alumni get together to hang out and bond with each other!!  - a rising first year student at Grace College and Theological Seminary from IN


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At the University of Alabama, the coolest spot on campus is the president's mansion because it's a great place to take pictures, a great spot to tailgate on saturdays and it's so pretty!” - a rising first year at University of Alabama from AL


The fourth floor of the [Shapiro] Undergraduate library UGLi. One can snag a table next to a window, get some study in and enjoy some beautiful views of Ann Arbor.  -  a rising first year student at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor from NJ


[A place] I call it life's fascination...because not only does it help me with my Autism and help me reconnect with Earth and nature itself it helped me to meet new friends who have the same fascination for appreciating nature. - a rising first year at Rochester Institute of Technology from ME


The runway at Middle Georgia State University

The runway at Middle Georgia State University from Christopher K.


The runway at Middle Georgia State University is the best spot on campus because of the adrenaline rush you feel knowing you'll soon be in the air!” - a college sophomore at Middle Georgia State University from NH


At UC Irvine, there's a shady bench on a hill; it sits under the trees and overlooks Aldrich Park, quietly, peacefully.  - a college freshman at University of California, Irvine from MA


At the University of Florida, my favorite spot is Plaza of the Americas because it is a place where everyone, regardless of their field of study, comes together as a collective community to hang out, eat lunch, do yoga, or simply enjoy the sunshine.” - a college junior at University of Florida from FL


Every college students' favorite spot has a unique story.  If you are a high school senior or college freshman, sophomore, or junior, be certain to share your “coolest spot on campus” with us by July 15, 2020 to enter a chance to win a $525 scholarship.  Apply now


Photograph of Colleen Krumwiede
Colleen Krumwiede
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Colleen MacDonald Krumwiede is a financial aid and paying for college expert with over a decade of financial aid experience at Stanford GSB, Caltech, and Pomona College and another decade at educational finance and technology companies servicing higher education.  She guides go-to-market strategy and product development at Quatromoney to transform the way families afford college.

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