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October 31, 2019

6 Ways to Save with College Student Discounts

Student Deals to help stretch your budget further

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As a college student, it seems like you’re shelling out money left and right.  But, even though your degree ultimately comes with a steep price tag, you can save some serious cash day to day.  Retailers and service providers want your business, so they’re willing to offer generous college student discounts to get it.  These deals will stretch your budget further -- and help you have a little more fun!

Types of College Student Discounts You Can Score


When you have a craving for something that’s not included in your meal plan, you’ll need to hit up a local restaurant to satisfy it.  Lucky for you, favorites like McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin Donuts (to name a few) have you covered with sweet student deals!  You can also save money on Grubhub orders and have your food brought right to you -- perfect for those long study sessions!


You need a laptop, software, and various electronic accessories to complete your coursework and stay connected with family and friends.  Retailers like Microsoft, Apple, HP, and Best Buy offer student discount programs so you can get the technology required at a price you can afford.

Pro Tip: Don’t overlook your school’s campus store.  Often, you’ll be able to get heavily discounted (or free) software just by asking.


If your current wardrobe is looking a little threadbare or you need an outfit for a special event, check out brands like Banana Republic, Express, Champion, Levi’s or TOMS.  They’ll help you dress to impress (both your friends and your wallet).


Whether it’s time for a tropical spring break vacation or to head home for the holidays, getting a good deal on the trip is key.  Companies like Caesar’s Entertainment, Coach USA, and Greyhound offer student discounts so that you can travel guilt-free and make the most of your excursion. 


ou rely on a number of services to help you live life -- both on and off campus.  As a college student, you can get price breaks on your cell phone bill (AT&T and Sprint), cable/internet service (Xfinity), car insurance (All State, Farmer’s, Geico, and State Farm), or warehouse membership (Sam’s Club).  You can also get Amazon Prime free for 6 months and 50% off after that.


Even though your studies are top priority, you periodically need to hit pause on your academics and have some fun.  Movie theaters, museums, and concert halls are popular places to snag a student discount.  Don’t forget to keep your ears open on campus for any group outings taking place. They usually involve a huge cost reduction so you can have some serious fun on really short money.

How to Get College Student Discounts

Every company’s college student discount program is going to be different, and there may be variances from location to location.  Further, some companies (particularly smaller, local enterprises) may not even advertise that they offer a discount.  Therefore, the best way to get your deal is to ask for it!  

No matter where you go, or what you’re buying, inquire about that discount.  Otherwise, you could be leaving money on the table.  Remember, to take advantage of an offer, you’ll likely need to verify your student status with either your school ID or a .edu email address.

Pro Tip: Sign up for a free college student discount app like UNiDAYS (available for Android and iPhone) to see a whole list of up-to-date deals, sortable by category.  Please note: some companies may require you to go through a certain app to get their discount.

Final Thoughts

Attending college is expensive enough.  You should catch as many breaks as possible on everything else!  Fortunately, many shops and service providers are ready to help you do just that.  Saving a dollar here and there can really add up, freeing up more cash to pay that tuition bill -- or actually live a little.  Happy bargain hunting!

Laura Gariepy

Laura Gariepy is a freelance writer that specializes in personal finance, careers, and small business.  She owns Every Day by the Lake, a written content creation company that helps busy business owners connect with their target audience.  You can follow her on Twitter @EverydayLake.

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